Seeta Patel Dance's Rite of Spring Features in the Observer

February 2023

Seeta Patel was recently interviewed by Sarah Crompton of the Observer for a feature on the enduring legacy of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.

The article featured discussion of Seeta Patel Dance's new interpretation of the classic work, marrying it with the Indian dance style bharatanatyam.

"Patel’s version, in which the chosen one becomes a divinity, places the sacrifice as part of a cyclical process of birth, death and renewal – and in her view takes it back to the pagan ideas that influenced Roerich. “Christianity and Abrahamic religions are very terminal,” she says. “You die and you go to paradise. Whereas deeply rooted within paganism is the idea of birth, life and destruction to create rebirth. It really does lend itself to a non-western philosophy.”

Read the full article here:

Black Lives Matters Response

June 2020



(Please take the time to read to the end - we need to stop only reading the headlines)

In my little part of the world (and let’s face it, dance is a tiny part of this giant world), I’m in conversations with a lot of future leaders.

There are difficult conversations being had.

There is a lot of defensiveness, fear, silence, hopelessness, self-preservation and more happening.

I don’t want to say apathy, but more a build up of inaction that so desperately wants to be action, but doesn’t know how to manifest.

The outcome of this is not inaction. It is COMPLICITY in a system that is broken.

Step by step I’m learning what my superpowers are in this situation.

My superpower feels like throwing myself in to lots of fires. Some tiny. Some huge.

The purpose for doing this is to try and incite change. I do it knowingly. I’m absolutely terrified. And now I’m ready to deal with the consequences.

For a long time now, I’ve felt guilty that this was my superpower. That it was too aggressive, it was ‘intense’, that I’m full on, I should watch my tone and delivery, that the way I do things isn’t coming from a place of love.

I have actually been told these things, and I internalised them.

But I know it is coming from a place of deep love. And love isn’t always gentle. Sometimes love is fierce and wants to burn everything down because no one is listening and nothing is changing.

But I don’t feel guilty anymore.

What I am noticing is that there are many out their who don’t realise what their superpower is. Or how to use it for good.

Gentleness is a superpower.

The ability to charm and convince charismatically is a super power (trust me I wish I had it).

Calmness is a superpower.

I could go on but you get my drift.

So what we need now is not to feel impotent and powerless.

It’s time to look deeply and see what your superpower is.

And ask how it be used to push things forward in these difficult times.

I completely understand people need to ‘heal’ and look after their mental health, I would never ever say not to do that first and foremost.

But that can’t be the never ending default.

I’m sorry but it’s not good enough.

Especially if you are in a position of power and influence and leadership.

What is the plan after the space of healing you may need?

How can you do something amazing with your superpower?

Once you face the ugly bits of yourself, they parts that you know make you complicit in the problems we are facing, what’s the next part?

It doesn’t have to be plastered on social media (unless is helps you into action to do that).

It doesn’t need to be huge and grandiose.

The fears I’m seeing out there in the defensive responses to challenges are deep. Tiny but powerful seeds.

They need deep and powerful and maybe quiet weed killer.

If you feel the need to justify your silence/your reasons for not taking action/the need to step away. Anything. Then ask yourself what will happen after this self justification.

What was the purpose of this self justification (other than to make yourself feel less guilty)?

How can I move forward from my guilt and frustration and use my superpower.

Might it be that you can have a more fruitful conversation that challenges someone in a way they don’t feel threatened?

Be brave and do it.


Is it that you know someone struggles to be called out by a person of colour but maybe they will hear a white person.

This may feel totally ridiculous but trust me it is happening.


Now it’s just time to use it for change and for good.

Take the time you need to be silent/heal/think/learn etc. But don’t let it linger forever.


People like me need your help. I have a voice that many will never be able to hear.

But they may hear yours instead.


PS. Leaders and future leaders. LEAD. Take the LEAD. PLEASE don’t let it always be the minority voices, the people on the receiving end of the discrimination that have to do the calling out.

You can bring it up so we don’t have to all the time.

It makes us the bad guy whether you agree with that or not.

And it also makes us tired.

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Tanzmesse here we come!!

July 2018

As one of only 3 UK choreographers to be selected to present a studio sharing at Tanzmesse 2018, Seeta is delighted to be able to present an excerpt of her upcoming Rite of Spring with the support of Dance4 and the wonderful Sarah Shead of Spin Arts as her producer.

Successful funding bid to create The Rite of Spring

June 2018

After receiving a Choreogata Commission of £5000 in 2017 from Akademi, Seeta was able to create an excerpt of the iconic Rite of Spring with 5 international Bharatanatyam dancers. This lead to a great deal of interest and a subsequent successful bid to mount the entire work with a cast of 6 exceptionally talented Bharatanatyam dancers. The work is currently in development and will be premiered and toured across the UK in May 2019. Watch this space for tour dates.

Adelaide Fringe Award Winners!! & UK Tour

March 2018

A very successful run at the Adelaide fringe lead to Not Today's Yesterday winning the Best Dance of the Fringe award and the Peace Foundation Award, alongside 5 star reviews and great audience feed back.

Looking forward to the work going on tour in the UK this Autumn. Check out our tour dates.

Sigma coming to London!!

January 2018

Gandini Juggling explore the world of Bharatanatyam dance with award-winning Bharatanatyam artist Seeta Patel

Gandini Juggling have a reputation for innovation - pushing the boundaries of their art form by combining contemporary circus with dance and narrative. The resulting productions have challenged perceptions of what juggling is and can be and have forced the threshold of the genre in its own unique direction.

Sigma is an opportunity to further explore these dialogues and showcase the multiplicity between Bharatanatyam dance, juggling and percussion. Developed in partnership with Seeta Patel, a specialist in Bharatanatyam, dancer Indu Patel and Kati Ylä-Hokkala & Kim Huynh - pioneering jugglers from Gandini Juggling -, the work investigates classical Indian geometries, mathematics, and rythm by looking at similarities and differences, processes and choreographic architectures. There is also a focus on the parabolic accelerating velocity of objects in the air versus the more subtly changing speeds of the dancer and the underlying Carnatic musical structures.

The human side of the collaboration transcends the pure structure and looks at invented ethnologies and imaginary rituals, when both Bharatanatyam and juggling come with a myriad of associated archetypes. Gandini and Patel are keen to play with these ideologies, distort them and intermingle them and then inhabit the hybrid landscapes in which they are created.


Sigma premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2017, where it was received in awe:

★★★★★ The Herald

★★★★ The List

★★★★ The Stage

★★★★ Broadway Baby

★★★★ The Times

The show will be at Sadler's Wells in January 2018 as part of the mime festival:

Co-produced by: London International Mime Festival (UK)
Supported by: Watermans Theatre (UK)

Something Then, Something Now returns to LONDON!!

November 2017

After beginning life as part of Sadler's Wells' Wildcard platform in 2014, and going on to a UK tour with a sold out show as part of the Darbar Festival's first dance performance at the Purcell Room, Southbank, Something Then, Something Now returns to Sadler's Wells as part of Darbar. Curated by Akram Khan, Darbar has become a multi-venue festival with an exciting line up of international dance artists including Mavin Khoo and Aditi Mangaldas.

SIGMA - Gandini Juggling explore the world of Bharatanatyam dance

August 2016

Seeta is very excited to be collaborating with the amazing Gandini Juggling, creating a spectacular new cross art-form production.

Entitled Sigma this beautiful new show celebrates the dialogue between the worlds of juggling, percussion and dance. Performed by a virtuosic cast including the award winning Choreographer Seeta Patel, the piece showcases exuberant rhythms, patterns and colours, at the heart of which is a unique interpretation of the classical South Indian dance form, Bharatanatyam.

"Inspired collaboration, clever choreography and captivating performance" - Dance Pad, #imaginewatford

Seeta Patel collaborates with Gandini Juggling

Seeta Patel visits Portugal teaching Intensive Bharatanatyam Course

June 2016

An invitation from EKA [ dance company ] took Seeta to Lisbon - Portugal. This beginners introduction in the Indian Classical Dance form of Bharatanatyam took place at EKA [ palace ]. From 27th to 30th June, Seeta talked about the history of the art form and her current work, tought basic footwork and hand gestures, some hints on abhinaya, work with rhythm and sanskrit poems. She found an enthusiastic group that had a great experience.

"I loved it too much. Such a professional dancer, i just loved the experience. I felt an amazing energy there!" - Tiago Santos

"The intensive body and mind work in these hot days was hard but totally worth it! Seeta is an amazing dancer and she knows how to inspire others through her teaching." - Eurica Magan

Read the article written by the respected Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias, both in Portuguese and translated into English.

Interview with Seeta

Speaking at: The BENCH | Navadisha | [FRAME]

June 2016

Seeta was invited to speak at three exciting events this Spring: The BENCH Event, Navadisha 2016 and [Frame] The London Dance Film Festival

The BENCH Event

2Faced Dance Company presented the first ever BENCH Event, in partnership with IDFB 2016. The event reflected on the achievements of 2Faced Dance’s BENCH programme over the last 9 months and included debate and conversation surrounding the issue of gender disparity for female choreographers working in the UK’s contemporary dance sector. The event featured inspirational speakers, presentations from the current five BENCH Fellows and a debating panel of industry experts.

The BENCH Event

Navadisha 2016

Produced by New Dimensions Arts Management in partnership with Sampad Arts, the three day conference posed questions that were crucial for South Asian dance today, as it celebrates breakthrough achievements and exciting developments in and around the sector during the fifteen years since Navadisha 2000. Navadisha 2016 fired up debate about the state and status of South Asian dance in Britain’s cultural cosmos, and the changing nature of its dance audiences; it also uncovered new talent, new models of excellence and new ways of working with dance in all its many avatars.

Navadisha 2016


FRAME: The London Dance Film Festival took place from 09 to 12 June 2016 offering an opportunity for creative talent in the arts, dance and film worlds to share experience, show work, learn from other artists and enjoy the best that dance and dance film offers.