The Rite of Spring Large Scale


After a critically successful tour from 2019-2022, Seeta Patel's The Rite of Spring, a reimagining of Igor Stravinsky’s iconic ballet in the Bharatanatyam dance style, has developed with an extended cast of 10-12 dancers and full orchestra in a major collaboration with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Seeta Patel marries Indian classical dance and Western classical music in her The Rite of Spring. Taking the South Indian classical dance form of bharatanatyam, with its intricate rhythmic footwork, geometric and dynamic movements and expressive prowess, Seeta Patel has created a compelling interpretation of the iconic The Rite of Spring.

Normally seen as a solo dance form, Seeta Patel Dance’s The Rite Of Spring is a rare chance for audiences to see contemporary Bharatanatyam performed in an ensemble. It also subverts the original narrative of a single sacrificial Chosen One by elevating this character to a deity unto which the whole community sacrifices themselves. This is a spiritual exploration of the work through an Eastern philosophical lens. Accompanied live by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, this is a Rite of Spring but not as you know it.

The Rite of Spring premiered at London's Sadler's Wells on 13th & 14th March 2023, and will then tour later in the year across the South West, including Basingstoke and Poole, and Manchester.
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Seeta Patel Solo:
Choreographer and performer: Seeta Patel
Musicians: Samyukta Ranganathan (vocals), Prathap Ramachandran (percussion), Vijay Venkat (flute)
Rehearsal Directors: Avatâra Ayuso, Kamala Devam, Swati Seshadri
Set Designer: Rachana Jadhav
Projectionist: Wayne Sables

The Rite of Spring:
Choreography and Direction: Seeta Patel
Music Score: Igor Stravinksy
Vocals: Roopa Mahadevan (featured between Acts 1 and 2 of Stravinsky’s score as part of a 4-minute interlude. Composed by vocalist solely for this choreography. Edited by Julien Kottukapally)
Music played by: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Chief Conductor: Kirill Karabits
Cast: Kamala Devam, Sarveshan Gangen, Sarah Gasser, Aishani Ghosh, Kieran Heralall, Nidhaga Karunad, Kishore Kuman Krishnan, Indu Bhageloe Panday, Shree Savani, Adhya Shastry, Moritz Zavan Stoeckle, Sooraj Subramaniam
Rehearsal Director: Avatâra Ayuso

Both works:
Executive Producer: Grace Okereke (Uprise Rebel)
Project Manager: Nassy Konan
Co-Producer: Sarah Shead (spin-arts)
Marketing Manager: Georgia Gerson
PR Consultant: Fourth Wall PR
Technical Director: Helen Mugridge
Lighting Designer: Warren Letton
Assistant Lighting Designer: Bethany Gupwell
Sound Engineer: Adam Bonser
Collaborator: Julien Kottukapally
Re-lighting: Ryan Day
Costumes: Anshu and Jason (smallshop, Bangalore)

Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells with support from Arts Council England and the Cockayne Foundation. The performances of the Work(s) are given by permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited.

Seeta Patel Dance gives thanks to Sam Allen and the board and to everyone that has helped along the way to bring this work to fruition.

The Rite of Spring Large Scale, Trailer by Ben Williams