Nurturing exciting young talent

July 2015

This year sees Seeta in the privileged position of being able to work more and more with young dancers, nurturing, mentoring and supporting them with the benefit of her experience and the generosity that she has experienced through her teachers over many years.

Here is Lakshmi Ranjan, one of the talented South Asian Category finalists for the BBC Young Dancer Competition talking about her work with Seeta:

"Having had some technical intensives with Seeta, it can be clear to say that I am now a changed dancer. I was able to view and practice Bharatanatyam from a completely different angle in every step that was explored. I gained the most from the short technical patterns that were choreographed to different rhythmical gaits. Here, Seeta really went through the dynamics and characterisation of each step from head to toe, as well as the various ways of keeping the audience on edge with expecting the unexpected. It was definitely challenging to learn the technical patterns because they were very different to the conventional patterns that I was used to. So, in that aspect Seeta really helped me develop the ability to not stick to boundaries and be free yet controlled with the movement. All in all, I can be sure to say that every class pushed me to my limits and most of all made realise how the dimensions to Bharatanatyam are quite simply limitless."